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How to Play Seesaw

After the game loads, press “Start Game” to begin.


You may want to “Skip Intro” to move to the game.


You will use your mouse, not your keyboard.


You need to score points by clicking on letters in the grid to make words. You can choose letters in a word if it is adjacent (next to) the last selected letter in the word. (Click on a letter again if you make a mistake and want to deselect it. Pressing the backspace key can also be used to deselect the last letter)


You can check if your word is valid by clicking on the “CHECK WORD” button. You can also use the enter key to do this.


You can click on the “CLEAR” button to deselect all the selected letters. You can also use the spacebar to do this.


The Grid has three hidden words (always more than 5 letters) which give extra points when found. If you click on the “I NEED HELP” button you can be given some hints to help you know what to look for.


When the clock runs out, your game is over.


This can be a difficult game, so don’t get frustrated! Keep trying!


Last updated: May 9, 2013 at 15:45 pm



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