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14 Quick & Easy Verb Games for ESL/EFL Classrooms

A child playing with a paddle and ball

Without the simple verb we would never get anything done. Our happy little worker words… all men, women and children of action!   We’ve assembled some quick and easy games to reinforce verb learning for the language classroom that are all:   Quick to set up and play Have a minimal amount of material Are […]

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Classroom Exit Games

Green white exit sign

You’ve had a fantastic class. The lessons you planned went wonderfully well and you’ve timed out everything perfectly… or so you thought.   With a few minutes left, and nothing scheduled, what should the teacher pull out of her bag o’ tricks to keep the day’s learning moving forward?   Another drill and kill exercise […]

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Infographic: The Gamification of Education

gamification In Education graphic

I discovered this infographic putting together key information about gamifying learning. I hope that you will find it of value in your research.   As those of us that do research in the world of games know, the word “gamification” started popping up in conferences and symposia around 2004 and had pretty much become a […]

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