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Infographic: The History of Programming Languages

History of Programming Languages text image

Some the game programmers out there may find this infographic of value. I discovered it in my own web ‘spelunking’ and assume others will find it interesting.   I must say I learned a thing or two from it.   The History of Programming Languages infographic      

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Infographic: 2013 eLearning Trends

Text graphic 2013 eLearning Trends

The buzzword of the day is ‘eLearning’ and I discovered this infographic on the latest trends in 2013. I hope this heads-up is of value for both the educators and researchers that wander the virtual halls of TesolGames.   It should come as no surprise to most of us, that current trends see an explosion […]

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Infographic: The Gamification of Education

gamification In Education graphic

I discovered this infographic putting together key information about gamifying learning. I hope that you will find it of value in your research.   As those of us that do research in the world of games know, the word “gamification” started popping up in conferences and symposia around 2004 and had pretty much become a […]

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Infographic: So you want to be an English Teacher?

So You want to be an English Teacher Thumbnail

While researching an article I am writing for TesolGames I stumbled upon this infographic with some useful thoughts on pursing the profession of English language teacher.   I can’t say i agree with all the advice, though most of it gives a pretty good idea for those of you looking to start your career as […]

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Infographic: Parallel Structure

Title Image for Parrallel Structure Infogrpahic

It can be difficult for some students to understand parallel structure in their writing. I found this the other day, and thought that you might find it useful to understand how parallel structure works and, with luck, you can put some of the ideas to practice in your writing.   Parallel Structure infographic by grammar.net. […]

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Infographic: Gaming in the Classroom

Gaming In The Classroom Infographic Logo

I discovered this Infographic today on the value of electronic games in the classroom. Naturally, I agree with most of the content and expect many of you will find this of interest.   Any other ideas or thoughts? Please share.   Courtesy of: OnlineSchools.com      

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Infographic: Language and Your Brain

Language and The Brain Infographic logo

Came across this, and figured that it would be of value to a few teachers or researchers out there.   I hope you find it as interesting as I did.     Language and Your Brain infographic  

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Infographic: World Language Families

World language Families Inforgraphic Logo

I found this infographic the other day and thought that it would be of interest to you. I hope you find some value in it.   Although we are more than just the sum of our language experience and culture is wrapped very tightly in language (or is it the other way around?) This infographic […]

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Infographic: Should English Be The Official Language of the World?

Should English be official language of the world Infographic logo

I found this and thought I would share it with you.   My feelings on the subject? I believe that our linguistic diversity is what makes us great. I believe we all should learn and be exposed to multiple languages. I am certain that specific ideas can only be expressed in specific languages. Though there […]

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Infographic: How to Learn English

How To Learn English Infographic Logo

I was searching for some writing inspiration and found this the other day. I thought some of you might find it interesting, so here it is!   Do you agree with the ideas?   Do you have some of your own? Better ones? Share your ideas with us.   My favourite idea? That %56 use […]

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