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Wednesday Word Search

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Here you will find the TesolGames word searches.


We publish them every Wednesday, so come back next week for the new one!


Do to the methodology and strategies that students use in solving word searches, there are some useful solutions to increase the instructional nature of word searches.


  • Introduce a time limit. We recommend no more than five minutes for these created puzzles from TesolGames.

  • Introduce some competition between pairs of students with relatively even ability. Have the same students compete on a regular basis.

  • Target vocabulary should be offered as part of a review rather than used as an introduction. At most, students should encounter no more than three (3) unknown words from these puzzles.

  • One of the best uses of word searches is as a class time warm-up activity, especially useful during class bookkeeping time (attendance, homework collection, announcements etc.).


Examples of TesolGames word search pdfs
Each of the puzzles from TesolGames are produced in both uppercase and lowercase letters. The puzzles are the same, only the letter case is different. Alternate puzzles with students so that one day the learner is using an uppercase puzzle and on another a lowercase puzzle.


All TesolGames puzzles have been created with the target words produced horizontally and vertically down only. Students will find no backwards, vertically up or diagonal words. Creating puzzles in such a manner tends to be too difficult for learners of English. Exceptionally advanced, near-native, learners may wish to discover puzzles that have been created this way for native speakers of English, but these kind of puzzles can be rather frustrating for learners of lower ability.


Last updated: May 26, 2013 at 20:03 pm