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Word Groove




How to Play Word Groove

To begin the game, after it loads click “Continue”.
On the next screen choose your game. Choose a 4(easy), 5, 6, or 7(hard) letter game.
Next you will be given two sets of letters to choose from. Pick the one that you think you can spell the most words with.

  • Click on the letters to create words (or you can use your keyboard too).

  • Click a letter again to remove it or use your backspace key.

  • When you have spelled a word, press the “USE WORD” or use your enter key.


Each time you spell a correct word, the first letter of the word will disappear. You now have to keep creating words until you have only one letter left.


Try to think ahead so you have the right letters left to make words.


If you spell yourself into a corner (make it too difficult to go on) you can use the “UNDO” button to go backwards as much as you need. Remember: Each time you use your “undo” your bonus score will go down.


To help you out, here is a list of all two-letter words in the game:

  • ab, ad, ah, am, an, as, at, ay
  • ba, be, bo, by
  • do
  • eh, el, em, en, ex, ey
  • fa
  • go
  • ha, hi, ho
  • id, if, in, is, it
  • la
  • ma, me, my
  • no
  • of, oh, ok, on, oo, or, os, ow, ox
  • pa, pi
  • qi
  • ra, re
  • so
  • ti, to
  • uh, up, us, ut
  • we
  • ya, ye, yo

  • and don’t forget ‘a’ and ‘I’ are words too!



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