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How to Play Wordspector

To begin the game, after it loads you will see the Play Game click to play the game.


The game will continue to load and you can click “play” and either read instructions or click “close” to start the game.


Your task as a Wordspector is to solve Mystery Words with the help of colour coded clues. The less time and fewer guesses you need to solve each word, the more points you’ll get. The words get longer as the game progresses.


Type in your words and press enter to submit.


Colour clues


After each submitted word you’ll be presented with colour coded clues. The clues reveal whether or not the letters in your word are found in the mystery word.


Create your next words based on the clues and you should find the mystery word before long.


Remember: Only real words found in the dictionary can be submitted. (no proper nouns or abbreviations!)




Mystery words have a value, which decreases with each wrong guess.


There is a bonus for time.


The Hint button shows you one letter you haven’t figured out yourself. Using the hint button costs time and loses points.




  • Enter: Submit your word
  • Spacebar: Shuffle the letters
  • Backspace: Delete last letter


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