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How to Play Wordelicious

To begin the game, after it loads you will see the Play Game click to play the game.


Then, you can either press “NEXT” to read instructions (shown here) or “SKIP” to go directly to chosing your game type.


It’s word finding time, but unlike most other games, you’ll be searching for words in a 3 dimensional cube!


There are 3 word-find games you can play:


Vs mode
You play against the computer trying to find as many words as possible in the time available. As levels progress, the cube gets bigger and the computer gets smarter!


Word list search
Just like the classic word search puzzle games, you are given a list of words to find in the 3D cube. You have a limited amount of time to find all the words from the list. The cube gets larger and the number of words to find increases every level.


Blind Mode
Your goal is to find the minimum number of words in the allocated time to complete a level. Gets more difficult as the game progresses.


Points are allocated based on the number of words you find and the number of letters the words contain. Bigger words earn you more points! Bonus points are also awarded when words cover more than one face of the cube.



Selecting letters: Mouse or keyboard.


If using the keyboard, type the letters that are visible on the cube and press space or enter to submit. If you make a mistake you can click the backspace button.


If you use your mouse, click to select starting letter of word. You can then select the remaining letters of a word by clicking letters that are adjacent to one another. Double click to submit word.


To rotate cube, simply click and turn it in whatever direction you wish. You can also use arrow keys to rotate cube.



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