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How to Play WordStone

WordStone is a unique and original word game where you must grab, swap and place tiles to form words before the grid crashes down on you.


To begin the game, after it loads click “Play Game and then “New Game”.


You may want to read the tutorial before you play.


In Word Stone you must form horizontal or vertical words. Words can be between three and eight letters long.


  • You can submit one or two words at a time.

  • Arrange words by clicking the mouse to grab, place or swap tiles.

  • Press the space bar, the “s” key or click the submit button to submit words.


The timer (on the left) will tell you how much time before a new row of letters is added, if you click the timer and new row will be added early.


On the right you can see bonus words, if you spell them you will get an extra point bonus.


If the letter tiles get to the bottom, your game is over.


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